Edamame $3.95

Steam and salted soybeans

Garden Salad $2.95

Ginger dressing

Gyoza $6.95

Crispy filled vegetable dumplings, soy dipping sauce

Kim Chee $2.95

Spicy marinated Korean cabbage

Miso Soup $2.95

Sashimi Appetizer $9.95

Chef’s choice of assorted sashimi

Sashimi Salad $11.95

Chef’s choice sashimi, field greens, masago, scallions, spicy sesame dressing

Seaweed Salad $4.95

Shrimp Tempura $8.95

Shumai $5.95

Veggie and shrimp dumpling

Spicy Tuna Bowl $10.95

Diced tuna, masago, sprouts, scallions, Chef’s spicy sauce, avocado, white rice

Spring Rolls $4.95

Veggie filled, served with sweet chili sauce

Sushi Appetizer $8.95

Chef’s choice of assorted sushi

Vegetable Tempura $6.95

Sweet potato, onion, zucchini and mushroom

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Sushi & Sashimi

Served a la carte

Sushi: 2 pieces per order, Sashimi: 2 pieces per order
Additional $0.50 for Brown Rice Substitution

Crab Stick (Kani) $3.75

Deep Fried Tofu (Inari) $4.25

Eel (Unagi) $5.25

Egg (Tamago) $3.00

Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) $4.75

Octopus (Tako) $4.75

Red Snapper (Tai) $4.50

Salmon (Sake) $4.95

Salmon Roe (Ikura) $5.50

Shrimp (Ebi) $4.50

Tuna (Maguro) $5.50

White Tuna $5.25

Yellow Tail (Hamachi) $5.25

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Sushi & Sashimi Entrees

Deluxe Sushi and Sashimi Combo $45.95

12 pieces of sushi, 18 pieces of sashimi, one chef’s choice specialty roll, and one spicy tuna roll

Roll Combo $16.95

A spicy tuna roll, a California roll, and shrimp tempura roll

Sashimi Deluxe $26.95

15 pieces of sashimi

Sashimi Regular $19.95

12 pieces of sashimi

Spicy Roll Combo $16.95

A spicy tuna roll, a spicy salmon roll, and spicy shrimp roll

Sushi Deluxe $19.95

10 pieces of sushi and a spicy tuna roll

Sushi Regular $17.95

8 pieces of sushi and a California Roll

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Sushi Specialty Rolls

Some of our specialty rolls contain sesame seeds, please inform your server if you do not want them. Additional $1.00 for brown rice substitution

911 Roll $10.50

spicy tuna roll wrapped with avocado

Crunchy Roll $8.95

Shrimp tempura roll topped with tempura crunch

Dragon Roll $10.95

California roll wrapped with eel and avocado

Fantastic Roll $12.95

Tuna, yellowtail, crabmeat, cucumber, and gobo root topped with salmon, avocado, masago, scallions and Japanese mayo

Flying Tiger Roll $12.50

Shrimp tempura, smoked salmon and cucumber. Topped with salmon, avocado, roasted garlic, chili mayo, eel sauce and masago

Fuzzy Yellowtail Roll $12.50

Chopped spicy yellowtail, scallions, masago topped with yellowtail, avocado and tempura crunch

Golden California Roll $8.95

California roll lightly batter and crisp to perfection. Topped with Japanese mayo and chef’s special sauce

Golden Spicy Tuna Roll $10.50

Spicy Tuna and sweet onion, lightly battered, and fried. Topped with spicy mayo and fried sweet potato

Mexican Roll $11.95

Spicy shrimp and crabmeat with cucumber wrapped with shrimp and avocado

Mount Fuji Roll $12.95

Tempura soft shell crab, spicy tuna, cucumber, and gobo root topped with white tuna, avocado, and wasabi tobiko

Mt. Holyoke Roll $13.50

California roll topped with salmon, spicy tuna, eel sauce and spicy mayo

Out of Control Roll $11.95

Spicy tuna and cucumber, topped with eel, avocado, and scallion

Paradise Roll $11.95

Shrimp tempura, crab, and cucumber roll wrapped with salmon and avocado. Topped with tempura crunch, eel sauce, and spicy mayo

Rainbow Roll $11.50

California roll wrapped with assorted fish and avocado

Spider Roll $10.25

Tempura soft shell crab, sprouts, masago, gobo root, avocado, & cucumber

Sunny Roll $11.95

Shrimp tempura roll topped with spicy tuna and eel sauce

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Additional $1.00 for Brown Rice Substitution
Add: Side of Spicy Mayo, Avocado or Cucumber 0.50 each

Avocado Roll $4.50

California Roll $4.75

Cucumber Roll $4.50

Eel & Avocado Roll $6.25

Eel & Cucumber Roll $6.25

Philly Roll $6.95

Red Snapper Roll $5.50

Salmon & Avocado Roll $5.75

Salmon Roll $5.25

Salmon Skin Roll $4.95

Shrimp Tempura Roll $6.95

Spicy California Roll $5.25

Spicy Salmon Roll $5.95

Spicy Scallop Roll $6.25

Spicy Shrimp Roll $5.95

Spicy Tuna Roll $5.95

Spicy Yellowtail Roll $6.25

Sweet Potato Roll $5.95

Tofu Crunch Roll $6.95

Tuna & Avocado Roll $5.75

Tuna Roll $5.95

Vegetable Roll $4.95

(cucumber, carrot, avocado)

Yellow Tail Roll $5.95

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Ramen Noodles

Chicken Ramen $10.95

Chicken broth, seasoned chicken, boiled egg, mushroom, corn, green onion, nori seaweed

Classic Tokyo Style Ramen $11.95

Pork broth, chasu pork, boiled egg, beansprout, green onion, bamboo shoots, seaweed nori, fried garlic, roasted sesame seeds

Hot & Spicy Ramen $11.95

Pork broth, IYA’s special blend of hot spices, chasu pork, boiled egg, green onions, bamboo shoots, fried garlic, hot sesame oil

Spicy Seafood Ramen $14.95

Shrimp, calamari, mussels, ramen noodle in spicy broth

Vegetable Ramen $8.95

Vegetable broth, boiled egg, tofu, mushrooms, corn, nori seaweed, green onion, beansprouts

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House Favorites

Bibimbap $13.95

A Korean favorite served in a stone bowl with an assortment of vegetable, marinated ground beef and topped with an egg over rice. Served with chili red pepper paste

Pork Katsu $13.95

Fried pork cutlet in panko crumb, served with white rice and plum sauce

Top with over easy egg $1.00

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Hibachi Grill

Your choice of protein prepared fresh from our grill.
Served with sauteĢed vegetables, choice of rice or noodles

Beef $17.95

Chicken $13.95

Shrimp $17.95

Vegetable $10.95

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Hibachi Kids

(12 and Under)

Beef $8.95

Chicken $7.95

Shrimp $8.95

Vegetable $6.95

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